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Undercar Specialist Exhaust Systems



To identify and recognize those Technicians who can demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to diagnose and repair automobile brakes, suspension and steering, and exhaust systems.

The ASE Undercar Specialist designation recognizes Technicians who have demonstrated knowledge of the skills in Suspension & Steering (A4) and Brakes (A5) from the Automobile & Light Truck Test Series, and Exhaust Systems (X1) from the Specialty Test Series. Although it is not a stand-alone certification, Exhaust Systems (X1) has been combined as a technical complement to test technicians’ knowledge of exhaust systems. To earn the Undercar Specialist designation, you must be concurrently certified in all three tests: A4, A5, and X1.


You must be currently certified in both Automobile Suspension and Steering (A4) and Automobile Brakes (A5), and satisfy the two-year hands-on work experience requirement in order to register for the X1 test.

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